Signature Events

Embark on a journey through a tapestry of cultural experiences and lively entertainment with the Rotary Signature Events! From the symphonic elegance of the Calgary Civic Symphony Orchestra's 'New Blood' to the spirited celebration of Western heritage at the Calgary Stampede Western Building and the electrifying country melodies echoing through the Nashville North tent, Rotary Signature Events promise unforgettable moments for all. Whether you're drawn to the classical finesse of orchestral music, the rugged charm of the Wild West, or the toe-tapping rhythms of country tunes, our lineup offers something to captivate every audience. Join us as we unite communities through music, culture, and the shared joy of celebration at Rotary Signature Events—a hallmark of excellence and entertainment for all to enjoy!

Saturday June 21, 2025

Grandstand Spectacular*

Get ready to be swept away by the electrifying energy of our Grandstand Spectacular, featuring entertainment, showmanship, music, marching bands, Indian hoop dancing, and thrilling horseback relay races! Click here to learn more.

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Sunday June 22, 2025

Sunday Event #1 (Same date & time as New Blood)

Rockin' The Big Tent*

Get ready to kick up your boots and immerse yourself in a night of electrifying country music at the Nashville North tent—where unforgettable performances and Southern charm await, promising a boot-stompin' good time for all!

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Sunday June 22, 2025

Sunday Event #2 (Same date & time as Rockin’ the Roadhouse)

New Blood with Calgary Civic Symphony*

Experience New Blood with the Calgary Civic Symphony Orchestra—a captivating blend of passion, energy, and musical innovation, promising an unforgettable evening for all ages.

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Tuesday June 24, 2025

Western Ranch Showcase*

Experience the spirit of the Old West at the Nutrien Western Event Centre—a night filled with thrilling rodeo demos, cowboy poetry, and live entertainment, promising unforgettable memories for all! 

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