Pre and Post Tours

The province of Alberta is blessed with awe inspiring natural beauty.

Calgary has the Canadian Rockies to the west, our dinosaur era with hoodoos and badlands to the east, and Indigenous roots and history to the south. And, of course, there are outstanding places to experience right in Calgary; like our Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park, an unprecedented culinary scene, and The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – the Calgary Stampede. 

We have created the best of the Best of Alberta pre and post tours so plan to arrive early and stay late. Trips will take you in different directions with spectacular scenery around every corner and our promise of famous western hospitality. With many itineraries in varying lengths, we are confident they will match up with your own travel plans to RI 2025 in Calgary.

Do you use USD currency? One Canadian dollar is approx. $0.73 US ($1.37 CAD per $1 USD) that is a 37% savings on your extended stay. Like to shop? Alberta is the only Canadian province that does not charge a provincial sales tax. 

It’s all here for you! Come for RI2025, experience Alberta afterwards, and stay for our famous Calgary Stampede including the parade, rodeo, chuckwagon races, grandstand show, fireworks finale, and all the corn dogs you can eat.

Check off some of your national and international bucket list destinations and see why we love calling this place home.

Check out our exciting Pre and Post Tours. There is something for everyone.

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