Host Hospitality​

Host Hospitality Evening is an Rotary Convention tradition in which registrants are given a

memorable evening of local hospitality and international fellowship. Local customs and

interaction between guests and hosts are the integral part of this Experience.

Our Host Organizing Committee is working closely with local Clubs in Calgary and the

surrounding area to provide an experience at Rotarians’ homes, restaurants and larger

venues. Your evening consists of dinner (including transportation) with local Rotarians.

We are working very hard to secure as many private dinners at Rotarians’ homes as

possible and we will do our very best to ensure Convention registrants who wish to be

part of the Host Hospitality Experience are accommodated. We will also have

transportation for those with mobility challenges.

To attend this sought after Experience, sign up when registering. The cost is

$50 US.

Ticketing for Host Hospitality will close in late April 2025 to allow us ample time to get

necessary information to our guests and hosts.

We are looking forward to “Hosting the World for Dinner” on June 23, 2025 in


Host The World For Dinner

Get ready to make culinary history! Join us in hosting the world for dinner.                                                                                        

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